Caspian Sea

Five countries One lake Ten Major Ports

Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan

Russia: Astrakhan Port, Makhachkala Port

Iran: Nowshahr Port, Neka Port, Bandar Anzali Port, Port of Amirabad

Azerbaijan: Baku Port

Kazakhstan: Aktau Port, Port of Kuryk

Turkmenistan: Turkmenbashi Port

Logistics in Caspian Region requires many specifications because of geographical situation. Over the years, Silk Road Logistic Group has gained this valuable experience in this area which manages all logistics operations for general, project, heavy lift and oversized cargoes.

Silk Road Logistic Group provide regular & tramp shipping services during navigation season from Iranian ports including Anzali and Amir Abad ports to the Caspian Sea to Russian ports in Astrakhan or Makhachkala.


    Quickly & Safe & On time

    Anti sanction transport services for Russia via Iran, Armenia & Turkey.

    Directly transport services from GCC Countries to caspian area by our facilities in UAE ( ADR, General cargo, Over size cargo )

    Arrange multimodal logistics services from all around the world and delivery your cargo via Iranian and Turkey ports

    Arrange multimodal logistics services in North–South Transport Corridor (INSTC)

    Rail way logistics services from Iranian port in Persian Gulf as POL to Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Russia ( Container, Bulk, ADR, General cargo & Over size )

    Caspian Sea chartering service

    Refers to a service provided by companies that specialize in the chartering of vessels for the transportation of cargo or passengers across the Caspian sea. Silk Road Logistic Group typically have extensive networks and relationships with vessel owners and operators, enabling them to offer a wide range of vessels and routes to meet their clients’ needs.

    service may include the following:

    1. Vessel selection and booking: Chartering companies can help their clients to select the most suitable vessel for their cargo or passengers and arrange for its booking.
    2. Voyage planning: Chartering companies can assist with route planning, ensuring that the vessel takes the most efficient and cost-effective route to its destination.
    3. Customs and port formalities: Chartering companies can handle all the necessary customs and port formalities, including preparing and submitting the necessary documentation, paying customs duties and taxes, and liaising with customs and port officials.
    4. Cargo handling: Chartering companies can arrange for cargo handling services, including loading and unloading of cargo, to ensure that goods are transported safely and efficiently.
    5. Logistics and transportation: Chartering companies can provide logistics and transportation services, including inland transportation and delivery to the final destination.
    6. Insurance: Chartering companies can arrange for insurance coverage to protect the cargo or passengers during transport.

    Overall, this services provide a flexible and efficient way to transport cargo across the Caspian sea ports between Iran & Russia & Azerbaijan & Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan   , and can be a valuable resource for businesses that require reliable and cost-effective transportation solutions.



    Over size & Equipment


    Bulk & Packed cargo