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We provide timely and accurate delivery using advanced technology and qualified personnel

Door to Door Service

International air cargo transportation

Customs clearance and brokerage services

Express delivery

Logistics management & Warehouse service

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Multimodal Transport Service

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Sea Freight

Whether your business is small or large, whether you want to ship cargo to a neighboring country or somewhere across the globe, we manage your cargo flow smoothly and efficiently. Our ocean freight services range from shipping perishables and refrigerated cargo to dry cargo, hazardous materials and break bulk cargo.


With an unparalleled network and an experienced team, Silk Road logistic Group is the single point of contact required for reliable, robust shipping solutions. From determining the ideal shipping schedule and organizing cargo to distributing loads and last mile delivery, we take care of all the critical details to match your cargo flow to the demand pattern.

Land Freight &Transportation

Irrespective of company size, product type and markets, we strive to provide a true end-to-end experience. From inland transportation over the road and rail network to shipping cargo internationally via an air or sea route, we cover all modes of transport and offer comprehensive insurance cover for added security.


We recognize the inherent strengths of each transport mode and tailor transportation solutions that match your demand cycle. Our inland services take your goods from factories to warehouses and from warehouses to retail outlets. Our air freight solutions are ideal for time critical deliveries and our ocean freight network lets you reach every port on the globe in a cost-effective way.

Customised Supply Chain Solutions

Our experience of serving industries in varied sectors and our global network allows us to customize supply chain solutions to match your requirements. Our aim is simply to provide every solution you may need to gain a competitive advantage through cost-effective, compliant, timely and reliable means.

At every stage of the supply chain, we offer a visible flow and unhindered progress to help your business grow. We understand how every business is unique and tailor measurable objectives and logistical milestones accordingly. Our use of technology combined with human expertise streamlines supply chain endeavors while successfully managing exceptions.

Warehouse Services

These services include everything from inventory management, storage, picking, and packing to value-adding, transportation, and order fulfillment. Additionally, warehousing services help businesses optimize inventory levels and reduce costs by allowing for bulk purchasing and economies of scale

UAE, ( Free Zone & Main land)
Ir.Iran,Bandar Abass & Caspian Sea Ports
Russia, Astrakhan & Moscow